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From a very early age, the author remembers being interested in the nature and characteristics of God. He was especially interested in His omniscience, particularly His foreknowledge, and how it relates to man’s free will.

Many think the foreknowledge of God and the free will of man are incompatible. Frankly, the author never saw the problem that many see when thinking about these two things.

However, it was not until much later in life that he decided to do some in-depth study on the subject. As a result, it became even clearer to him that there was no conflict between God’s foreknowledge and man’s free will. But because this was not so evident to many of those around him, he wanted to know why.

While living and working in Kenya, East Africa in the early nineties, the author decided to devote some time to thinking about the attributes and characteristics of God and how they relate to the subject of man’s free will. It soon became apparent to him that far too many Christians were trying to relate to God as a man, albeit a man of larger proportions.

As he continued to think about the various ideas and concepts about God he had heard among his fellow Christians, he came to understand that many of them frequently constructed and bowed down to a god (notice the use of the little “g” here) that was not the I AM THAT I AM revealed in Scripture.

He observed that this was being done by gospel preachers as well as, otherwise, knowledgeable Christians. These seemed to be unaware that they were regularly engaged in idolatry. It wasn't the pagan idolatry that one reads about in the Old and New Testaments, but it was idolatry nevertheless.

The book represents a study consisting of (1) a tribute to the one true God, (2) an examination of the psychological nature of idolatry, and (3) a critique of some of the idols we moderns have constructed for ourselves. Below is the proposed table of contents. Soon, the first chapter will be posted in PDF format for your consideration.

What Folks Are Saying

I found Allan Turner’s book, The Christian & Idolatry, quite challenging to say the least. It was not what I expected considering the title which suggested to me the book would be a frontal attack on idolatry, its evils and manifestations in our society. The introduction suggested to me it would be another treatise on the attributes of God, perhaps even a brief attempt at theology. To my surprise, Turner’s approach was to attack the ones who have attempted to whittle on God’s revelation of Himself. He did so in an intellectual manner by carefully detailing why and designating all of those who had made such attempts as being idolaters. There have been many attempts to revamp God, but the number of attempts is small compared to the infinite traits God has. This allowed Turner to focus on the contrast. Turner spared no one who had attempted to quantify God no matter how minute their alteration or how well intentioned their efforts. When one finishes The Christian & Idolatry, not only is it clear as to what characterizes an idolater but it is crystal clear as to what it means to believe in the one true God. —Charles G. Goodall, Ph.D., retired college professor, author, gospel preacher, and elder in the Lord's church.

The Christian & Idolatry was a real surprise. Expecting it to remind of the various ways we put worldly things before God, it was a surprise to find that the book primarily deals with a number of very common misconceptions about who God is and how He interacts with His creation. The reader may be shocked to find some of his/her own beliefs described and identified as idolatry by clear and convincing exegesis. The first part of the book contains an excellent discussion of the attributes of God, and I keep it close at hand for reference when I am teaching the lost. Although I don’t re-read much of anything other than the Bible, every time I return to this book, I have another ‘oooohhhh, now I get it’ experience. —Marsha Hazelwood, wife, mother and grandmother.

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